Work with Nuzest USA

Nuzest Demo Representatives

Nuzest is a fast-growing natural health brand in the United States. Every month our products appear in more retail outlets as the word spreads about Clean Lean Protein.

Right now this is very, very part time work. This opportunity would be great for a student or someone who has a spare 2-3 days a month.

Here are the places that we currently are hiring new demo representatives:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Sacramento, California

Key Responsibilities

  • Sampling Nuzest products in retail stores,
  • Nuzest product knowledge
  • Basic level, relevant, nutritional knowledge (able to talk to customers about nutrition).

Skills and other job requirements

  • Outgoing – can talk and relate to people.
  • Appropriate food certification (for your state) needed for doing in-store demos
  • Able to travel to different retail outlets to run demonstrations.

If you are interested please contact