Shipping Information

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?

Currently, we ship from Seattle, WA. Orders are sent the day after they are received. West Coast orders will usually take 1-3 days in transit and East Coast orders take 4-7 days.

Do you ship to Canada?

Shipping to Canada can take up to 14 days. Also, because the products are technically being imported from the USA, UPS will likely contact you once they reach the boarder to obtain your consent to clear the goods through customs on your behalf.
We are looking into improving this service so that Canada has locally warehoused products by the end of the year.

Can I track my order?

You should receive a tracking number within 1-2 days of placing your order. Orders placed on Friday or over the weekend will receive their tracking number on Monday.

What should I do if my order is taking longer than expected to arrive?

Please Contact us for your tracking number and further assistance.