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Breakfast gone wild! Quesadillas are no longer just for savory dishes… check out this power-filled, plant-based twist using breakfast tortillas. Garbanzo bean flour gives an incredible protein and fiber-filled punch that establishes a strong nutritional platform for the day. Create a gorgeous breakfast plate customized with toppings of your choosing. Shown above is a tortilla […]

This is a healthy change-up on the popular marshmallow fluff storming the web. Adding Nuzest protein powder creates a delicious taste and luxurious volume with minimal effort. It is the perfect addition to any delectable breakfast or scrumptious dessert. This recipe yields 2 cups. For more recipes and articles on life from Marci, check out […]

Sometimes Saturdays just call for something special. This banana pudding fits the bill for a creamy, healthy treat. Totally delish… and with each bite, fiber and protein nourish your body and your taste buds!  Layer with your favorite toppings to make the parfait of your dreams! For more recipes and articles on life from Marci, check […]

This delicious protein pudding recipe comes from Nuzest Ambassador Abigail Mickey. Abby races professionally around the world for the UnitedHealthcare Professional team, and proper nutrition is essential to keep her performing at her best! Abby’s go-to breakfast, this decadent protein pudding treat is perfect for breakfast or an anytime snack. It tastes great and is packed […]

These protein-packed protein balls are great tasting and super healthy for any day. Add on some bunny ears and they are perfect for your Easter dessert table!

These protein-packed Bliss Balls Chicks are the cutest little guys in town and the perfect snack for your next Easter (or anytime) gathering! They are made with all healthy ingredients that you won’t feel guilty about eating tomorrow, including an almond beak, currents for eyes and goji berries for hair. 

You won’t believe how easy and quick it is to make your own customizable hummus. This protein-pumped base lays a creamy foundation to create any flavor you like. Like it hot? Add some red pepper. Like it cheesy? Go for some nutritional yeast. Any way you season it, your carrots will thank you! For more […]

Naked pizza? Dry pasta? All because you are out of your favorite tomato sauce? Fear not! You can make your own protein and fiber-filled sauce in just one minute with a few simple ingredients. This recipe helps you take control over what you put in your mouth by minimizing unnecessary salt, sugar and preservatives. This […]

This sweet, versatile spread is so easy to make and full of muscle-building protein… you will be giddy to try it on all your favorite eats. Swirl in your greek yogurt, smear on your breakfast bagel, top your ice cream or eat by the spoonful. Any way you go, this berry-licious spread is sure to […]

Have you run out of creative options for power-filled breakfasts? Your search is over! This easy-to-make omelette will become your new go-to in the morning, as it will perfectly sustain you until lunch. Customize as you like… shown here is this omelette with salsa and vegan crumbles. It also would be delicious with avocado slices […]

Edible cookie dough is a childhood favorite. But, who says you have to grow up and leave all the fun to the kiddos? Make your own dough in less than four minutes and nosh away without the guilt! This protein powered treat is sure to become a go-to, and is easily customizable with your favorite […]

This is a healthy homemade version of the popular spreads you find at the store… but with added protein to support your most intense workouts. Spread this delicious nut-free butter on toast, make a dip for your apple slices, or add to your oatmeal. Our favorite way is just one simple spoonful at a time! […]