The Ultimate Nutrient Boost

More than just a multi, Quick Vita Kick is a complex multi-nutrient drink designed to give you that extra boost of vitality when you most need it. With 60+ recognizable ingredients, it’s a potent blend of carefully selected greens, fruits, vegetables and berries; plus, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes and a full range of essential vitamins and minerals to support health and vitality.

  • Quick and Easy

    A comprehensive boost in less than 60 seconds

    Just add 2 scoops of powder to a shaker of water, coconut water or almond milk
    …shake and enjoy the lift.

  • Body-ready Nutrition

    Research-based to give your body exactly what it needs

    Independently formulated by a team of global health experts, the form of every ingredient is specifically selected for maximum bioavailability and effectiveness.

  • Nutritional Insurance

    Helps fill the gaps from nutrients missing or lacking in our diets

    Nothing can replace a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods, but Quick Vita Kick can help make up for the nutrients missing or lacking in our diet through poor choices, the decline in food quality, and our busy lifestyles. Many of these are essential to a healthy, vital life.

  • No Bad Stuff

    Free of allergens, no preservatives and contains nothing artificial

    No gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy or corn; and all ingredients are GMO free. There are no nasty chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors; just concentrated, real-food ingredients with a multi-vitamin boost.

  • Suitable for Everyone*

    Vegan and paleo friendly and good for the whole family.

    Quick Vita Kick is 100% vegetable and suitable for a Paleo diet. It is suitable for everyone from children to grandparents, busy executives and athletes.

    *Not suitable for children under the age of 4 years.

  • Tastes Delicious

    In three delicious flavors, it's something you’ll look forward to

    With three delicious flavors to choose from, there's sure to be a Quick Vita Kick smoothie you will love.

Quick Vita Kick – a powerful pick-me-up.

Greens, fruits and veggies, blended with golden pea protein isolate, and fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients – all in a delicious and easy to use drink mix.

Ingredients List

Formulated by Experts

Independently designed by a team of experts to ensure the ingredients and formulation are based on efficacy, without compromise.

How to use Quick Vita Kick

It's quick and easy!
Simply add 2 scoops (15g) to 8.5oz (250ml) of liquid (eg. water or almond milk). Stir, blend or shake and enjoy daily.

Try blending your Quick Vita Kick with a banana (for carbohydrates), coconut oil (for good fats), and Clean Lean Protein for a healthy meal replacement or snack.

What's in Quick Vita Kick?

60+ ingredients - Fruits, vegetables, greens and herbs; boosted with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes and more