Fit Fam Bundle

This is the Fit Fam Bundle, because it’s enough to share with your #fitfam (if you so choose). Enjoy a containerĀ of Clean Lean Protein (in your choice of flavor), a Quick Vita Kick 10-Pack Box of Mixed Flavors, a Just Fruit & Veg 10-Pack box of Mixed Flavors, two Good Green Snack Bars, and a shaker cup.

Clean Lean Protein - Plant Based Protein Powder (Drink Mix)

Premium European Golden Pea Protein. Natural and free from all common allergens. No gluten, dairy or soy GMOs.

17.6 oz (20 servings)

Quick Vita Kick Multivitamin Powder

Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral smoothie booster - 1/2 your daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in a great tasting drink.

10 Count (10 servings)

Just Fruit & Veg Vegan Protein Smoothie Mix

Just Fruit & Veg is a ready-to-go plant protein smoothie mix of 5 delicious fruits + 5 veggies.

10 Count (10 servings)

Good Green Snack - Healthy Snack Bar × 2

Good Green Snack Bar is a tasty multivitamin bar that provides nutritional support on-the-go!

Nuzest Slim Protein Shaker

This handy new 12 oz (350 ml) shaker make mixing up your Nuzest powdered supplements a breeze!

All shakers are BPA free and include a compartment to store your powder or snacks, and a sieve to help create a silky, smooth consistency.

Their slim profile means they fit easily in the drink bottle holder on your bike, or the coffee holder in your car.

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