Fit Fam Bundle

This is the Fit Fam Bundle, because it’s enough to share with your #fitfam (if you so choose). Enjoy a containerĀ of Clean Lean Protein (in your choice of flavor), a Quick Vita Kick 10-Pack Box of Mixed Flavors, a Just Fruit & Veg 10-Pack box of Mixed Flavors, two Good Green Snack Bars, and a shaker cup.

Clean Lean Protein - Plant Based Protein Powder (Drink Mix)

Premium European Golden Pea Protein. Natural and free from all common allergens. No gluten, dairy or soy GMOs.

Quick Vita Kick Multivitamin Powder

Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral smoothie booster - 1/2 your daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in a great tasting drink.

Just Fruit & Veg Vegan Protein Smoothie Mix

Just Fruit & Veg is a ready-to-go plant protein smoothie mix of 5 delicious fruits + 5 veggies.

Good Green Snack - Healthy Snack Bar × 2

Good Green Snack Bar is a tasty multivitamin bar that provides nutritional support on-the-go!

Nuzest Slim Protein Shaker

This handy new 12 oz (350 ml) shaker make mixing up your Nuzest powdered supplements a breeze!

All shakers are BPA free and include a compartment to store your powder or snacks, and a sieve to help create a silky, smooth consistency.

Their slim profile means they fit easily in the drink bottle holder on your bike, or the coffee holder in your car.

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