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Edible cookie dough is a childhood favorite. But, who says you have to grow up and leave all the fun to the kiddos? Make your own dough in less than four minutes and nosh away without the guilt! This protein powered treat is sure to become a go-to, and is easily customizable with your favorite […]

This is a healthy homemade version of the popular spreads you find at the store… but with added protein to support your most intense workouts. Spread this delicious nut-free butter on toast, make a dip for your apple slices, or add to your oatmeal. Our favorite way is just one simple spoonful at a time! […]

This time of year, it is hard to escape the mounds of chocolate confections lining the shelves of your favorite grocery store. But, move over neon-colored bunnies and cream-filled eggs! This easy-to-make candy is reminiscent of a smooth dark chocolate truffle, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated chocoholic. And, being deliciously nutritious and protein-packed, […]

Special occasions or Sunday brunch call for an added touch of culinary greatness. Wow your family and friends with this easy-to-make strawberry delight with hidden protein, customizing the filling as your heart desires. Our recommendation is to fill with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, which are perfectly paired and wrapped in a blanket of goodness. […]

Dust off your bread machine and make yourself a loaf of this incredibly delicious bread. This recipe includes white whole wheat flour, milled from the entire wheat berry, yields more fiber and nutrition, which means it’s better for you! Added Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, oats, and sunflower seeds kick this bread into the stratosphere of […]

A redo of your favorite minty treat… made over with vitamin-rich veggies and muscle supporting protein. Seriously delicious! The best part about this shake is that it does not come around only once a year, and you won’t feel guilty about drinking it afterwards! (As a bonus, spilling a little on your shirt will make […]

Make your own minty candy from scratch in just a few simple steps. These babies will awaken your palate upon first bite, exposing the creamy center hidden just beneath the delectable chocolate coating. These are whole foods done right, and most would never guess they are a protein-filled treat! They are totally worth it and […]

Soup is such a comfort food. It’s warm and delicious. But, who wants all of the sodium and cream in store-bought brands? Make your own instead in under five minutes with this effortless recipe. Not only are you getting all the creamy goodness without the bulk, but you are serving yourself a vitamin bonanza… All […]

Chock full of six eggs, nuts, and protein powder… these muffins are not for the faint of heart! This savory snack is perfect after pumping iron at the gym… full of muscle building protein and heart healthy fats. One is hearty enough to serve as a meal, as it will easily crush your post workout […]

Thoughts of cheese sauce… yum. It’s so comforting. So versatile. So good. But, what do you do when you want to skip the dairy, salt, and butter? Sacrifice flavor and textures? No way! Don’t compromise with this easy-to-make cheesy goodness. Non-dairy? Vegan? No prob! This recipe makes the perfect sauce for all dietary needs. Store […]

Scoopable frozen yogurt made at home? It’s totally easy without any churning! High in antioxidants and loaded with catechins, the matcha powder is a perfect complement to this fro yo’s natural tartness. Whoever said that frozen yogurt can’t be a healthy treat has never tried this delectable dish! Store leftovers in the freezer for up […]

Looking for an incredible, heart-healthy dip? Skip the local grocery store and make your own healthier alternative in seconds! Use this dip for your veggies, chips, or as a spread on your next sammie. It would also serve as an excellent flavor-enhancer to grilled seafood or poultry. Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to […]